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[Live] Yaduoli Casino Sihanoukville now using its own branded chips for poker

While today is the first time that there is a 25c Texas Hold’Em cashgame happening on Friday at the Yaduoli Casino, Sihanoukville,  under the new Chinese brothers team,  they have also started using the casino’s own branded chips. Players might… Continue Reading →

[Live] First 25c poker cashgame at Yaduoli Casino

Live from the first 25c/25c cashgame poker table at Yaduoli Casino. A few organization problems but nothing unacceptable for a première. Pity that the drinks are no longer free, probably the result of some of the players at the precious… Continue Reading →

New 25c/25c Texas Hold’Em Poker Cash Games at Yaduoli Casino, SIhanoukville

According to a post found on Facebook, there is a new 25c/25c blinds Texas Hold’Em Cash Game starting at Yaduoli Casino, Sihanoukville and taking place every Tuesday at 7 PM (first one tonight!) . As you all know now, Yaduoli… Continue Reading →

Lion City Casino latest news and developments

Lion City Casino, Sihanoukville has seen quite a few changes recently. Here is a summary for those who missed out on the action: Mid-March 2017, Lion City casino started some heavy renovation works as pictured in the two photos below…. Continue Reading →

The 7PM poker tournaments at Lion City have resumed!

Some places might be shutting down their poker games, but others seem to be doing just fine in Sihanoukville. Lion City has recently resumed its 7PM poker tournaments and attendance seems to be on the high side. Here are the… Continue Reading →

Diamond Casino poker room is not live anymore

Do you remember our post about a new poker room opening in town? Well, that is already old news as there are no more poker games happening there anymore! While this might perhaps sounds like sad news, many poker players in… Continue Reading →

New poker room in Sihanoukville: Diamond Casino

While Sihanoukville live poker rooms are currently facing a rather dismal amount of players due to the rainy season, a new live poker room (and casino) has actually opened in Sihanoukville. It goes by the name of “Diamond Casino”. Located right opposite Golden Island… Continue Reading →

Tournament and Cash poker games back at Queenco Hotel & Casino starting this Saturday 11 June 2016

Set on Victory Beach and soon to host the 2016 APT Cambodia poker event, Queenco Hotel & Casino has announced that it will be hosting Tournament and Cash poker games starting this coming Saturday 11 June 2016. While the exact details… Continue Reading →

All players can freeroll their way to APT Cambodia 2016 on PokerMania… really?

As you (should) know, the APT Cambodia 2016 will be held from June 15th to the 23rd at the Queenco Hotel & Casino located on Victory Beach, Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Giving some hope to all the players who not ready to… Continue Reading →

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