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More changes at Lion City Casino, Sihanoukville

After having seen some new people take over the poker tables and one whole month of semi-regular poker games without rake at Lion City Casino, Sihanoukville and the $500 free roll poker tournament held on the last day of April, it seems that things… Continue Reading →

Texas Hold’Em No Limit Poker Cash Games running at Lion City Casino – no rake this entire month

Apart from the daily free rolls with tickers for April 30, $500 tournament at Lion Casino, Lion City Casino also has some 1-1 poker cash games running. Interesting promotion: they are not taking any rake this entire month, April 2017…. Continue Reading →

Lion City Casino: Daily Free Roll Sit and Gos for the 30 April $500 Tournament

While we wrote yesterday that the situation was a bit confusing at Lion City Casino with regard to the $500 tournament that we had heard about, Jonny Ferrari has just posted more information on Facebook, including a video which can… Continue Reading →

New 25c No Limit Texas Hold’Em Poker Cash Games Schedule at Yaduoli Casino

The poker people at Yaduoli Casino, Sihanoukville, have just released their latest creative confirming the current schedule for their so-called “Poker Family Cash Game[s]”. What is a family cash game? It’s a No Limit Texas Hold’Em Poker Cash Game where… Continue Reading →

[LIVE] Lion City Casino reopens, new poker table, Chinese tour group

The day has arrived: Lion City Casino just re-opened today after the previous poker games at Lion City Casino stopped on April 1, 2017. To mark the day, the new management had organized a “grand opening” with a DJ party,… Continue Reading →

[Live] Yaduoli Casino Sihanoukville now using its own branded chips for poker

While today is the first time that there is a 25c Texas Hold’Em cashgame happening on Friday at the Yaduoli Casino, Sihanoukville,  under the new Chinese brothers team,  they have also started using the casino’s own branded chips. Players might… Continue Reading →

[Live] First 25c poker cashgame at Yaduoli Casino

Live from the first 25c/25c cashgame poker table at Yaduoli Casino. A few organization problems but nothing unacceptable for a première. Pity that the drinks are no longer free, probably the result of some of the players at the precious… Continue Reading →

New 25c/25c Texas Hold’Em Poker Cash Games at Yaduoli Casino, SIhanoukville

According to a post found on Facebook, there is a new 25c/25c blinds Texas Hold’Em Cash Game starting at Yaduoli Casino, Sihanoukville and taking place every Tuesday at 7 PM (first one tonight!) . As you all know now, Yaduoli… Continue Reading →

Lion City Casino latest news and developments

Lion City Casino, Sihanoukville has seen quite a few changes recently. Here is a summary for those who missed out on the action: Mid-March 2017, Lion City casino started some heavy renovation works as pictured in the two photos below…. Continue Reading →

The 7PM poker tournaments at Lion City have resumed!

Some places might be shutting down their poker games, but others seem to be doing just fine in Sihanoukville. Lion City has recently resumed its 7PM poker tournaments and attendance seems to be on the high side. Here are the… Continue Reading →

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