The day has arrived: Lion City Casino just re-opened today after the previous poker games at Lion City Casino stopped on April 1, 2017.

Lion City (re-)opening

To mark the day, the new management had organized a “grand opening” with a DJ party, free food and what appeared to be a tour group of Chinese players who will stay 2-3 days, according to one of them who mentioned being from Nanjing, China.

Lion City Grant Opening

So what about poker then? What is happening at Lion City Casino now? We had heard rumors of a so-called free roll with a $500 prize and $100 bounty for knocking out Johnny Ferrari. Well, according to Johnny who was answering someone from the crowd, the free-roll will “take place sometime later this month”…. There does not as such appear to be a clear and firm poker calendar established for the coming weeks at Lion City Casino.

In the meantime, the only poker table was quickly submerged by Chinese players after Johnny Ferrari, dressed in a white suit in the photo below, explained to the speaker what the current game was: a $10 poker tournament with no-rebuys. Many of the players did not appear to know or understand the rules and the poker action seemed quite hectic. Perhaps this might interest some poker players looking to prey on some easy poker players… or perhaps discourage some other players looking for some decent poker action? It seems difficult for now to assess how things will evolve, especially as the people managing the “poker room” themselves do not seem to know what will be happening.

More posts on Lion City Casino and its poker action will be added once the situation is clearer. For now, here are some photos of what you maybe missed today at the casino.


Johnny Ferrari explaining to the speaker the structure of the poker game about to begin


Lion City Poker table submerged by a Chinese travel tour


Chinese gamblers gathering around the only poker table


Blue t-shirt of one of the Chinese gamblers


Lion City Casino gambling action has resumed