Lion City Casino, Sihanoukville has seen quite a few changes recently. Here is a summary for those who missed out on the action:

Mid-March 2017, Lion City casino started some heavy renovation works as pictured in the two photos below. This resulted in the poker (cash and tournament) and black jack games moving into the VIP room to avoid all the dust and debris.

By Saturday April, 1 in the early morning, things were already looking nicer (below) and this also marked the morning the Taiwanese brothers ended their poker games at Lion City Casino. Below is also what Lion City Casino is supposed to look like when the renovation works will have ended.

So what has happened to the Taiwanese brothers and all their friendly dealers and staff? Have they left town? Not at all, they have now moved over to Yaduoli Casino, just a few blocks away from Lion City Casino:

Yaduoli Casino is a newly and still under-construction casino and these new poker tables are somehow to most people’s surprise located in the hotel’s lobby area. Is this a permanent decision? Will this change soon? The situation is still not clear and this post will be updated once we gather more information.

As for the situation at Lion City, we have more information for you. Stay tuned for more news on poker in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.