We last reported in a post end of April that the poker room which had been previously running at Yaduoli Casino had now moved to Kampong Som City Casino. Well, from what we hear, it looks like these new tables have now shut down! Oh no, that was quick!

According to the Facebook page which they run – “Sihanoukville Poker 西港德州扑克” public group, not to be confused with our official “Sihanoukville Poker” Facebook page – they now have moved to… Oriental Pearl Casino, where they are amongst others running their classic daily 1 pm tournament.

Oriental Pearl New 1pm Tournaments

Managing poker tables in Sihanoukville is not an easy endeavour and requires serious management, creative ideas and great relations with poker players. Too many poker teams have ignored this and failed. Oh well, the teams managing the poker tables at Oriental Pearl Casino seem to be solid and rocking some interesting game. We wish the ex-Kampong Som City Casino staff more luck this time!