According to Macau-based Inside Asian Gaming, starting June 1 2018, online poker and the promotion of the game via all social media channels will be banned. For instance, any product which cites “Texas Hold’em” will be banned.

WeChat, WeiBo… numerous Sihanoukville poker rooms are using social media channels to promote their daily live cash games and tournaments. While the ban does not apply to Cambodia per se,  it is going to be more difficult for operators to promote poker events because Chinese players won’t know about them.

One of Sihanoukville’s WeChat groups promoting poker

How will Sihanoukville poker rooms react? Following recents rumors that China’s Hainan island might eventually legalize gambling and casinos, this is yet another interesting twist of events for Sihanoukville poker rooms who have happily embraced the emergence of higher stakes Texas Hold’em cash games (1-2, 2-5, 10-20…) together with higher rake revenue, made possible by the increase of Chinese gamblers.