Poker rooms open & poker rooms close in Sihanoukville, all players living in Sihanoukville long enough all know this. So, is there any solid poker room running? Oriental Pearl might just be the one.

What does a typical game look like: a couple of Poker Texas Hold’Em tables running $1-$1 & $1-$2, a mixed crowd of serious and casual players, both western and Asian. Below is a photo taken live:

What about their dealers? The general level of dealers in Sihanoukville has greatly increased in the past 12-18 months and Oriental Pearl is no exception. Long gone are the days when Sihanoukville casinos only offered small games and hired sluggish dealers. While there is a visible difference at Oriental Pearl between the afternoon and evening/night dealers (do hit the tables in the evening for their creme de la creme dealers and deep-stack action), the management has done some great work and playing poker at Oriental Pearl provides you with a great and comfortable playing experience all throughout  the day.

All poker rooms provide freebies and Oriental Pearl has some nice ones too: free beer, free coffee, free soft drinks, free fruit, free cigarettes. There is no free food although staff will help players order from a small selection of restaurants – perhaps time for a collaboration with a delivery service?

If you are looking to play some serious poker in Sihanoukville, Oriental Pearl is currently the best place to head to. There are again rumors of new poker rooms opening in Sihanoukville and we will try and keep you updated on this blog. But for now, it is time to buy-in at Oriental’!