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June 2018 Poker Tournament & Pool Party at Bao Mai Casino, Sihanoukville

Bao Mai Casino is having its monthly poker tournament & pool party this Friday 15 June 2018 with a guaranteed lucky $888 prize pool. Some poker action and a fun pool party, sounds like a don’t-miss poker event to attend in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

New poker tournament schedule at Bao Mai poker room

Today, Bao Mai poker room, Sihanoukville, has released the latest structures of its different tournaments happening daily at 1 pm: Every Mon, Wed, Thu and Sat $100 guarantee for $5 entry; now with a better structure and improved format. Every… Continue Reading →

Chinese ban on online poker advertisement to affect Sihanoukville casinos and poker rooms?

According to Macau-based Inside Asian Gaming, starting June 1 2018, online poker and the promotion of the game via all social media channels will be banned. For instance, any product which cites “Texas Hold’em” will be banned. WeChat, WeiBo… numerous Sihanoukville poker… Continue Reading →

[LIVE] Serious poker action at Oriental Pearl Casino, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Some serious poker action goes down too at the Oriental Pearl Casino, Sihanoukville. Here are 2 photos taken just a few minutes ago. What do we have here? Some 1-2 Texas Hold’em Poker Cash Game and some 2-5 Texas Hold’em… Continue Reading →

Discreet moving of a poker room from Yaduoli Casino to Kampong Som City Casino, Sihanoukville

As seen on a Facebook post today in the “Sihanoukville Poker 西港德州扑克” public group – not to be confused with our official “Sihanoukville Poker” page:   The poker room which had been recently running at Yaduoli Casino has now moved… Continue Reading →

Live photo from the poker tables at Bao Mai Casino, Sihanoukville

Want to see how some nice poker action looks like in Sihanoukville? Here is a photo taken at the Bao Mai poker room – we have blurred out the faces. What is the action? $1-$2 and $2-$5 texas hold’em cash… Continue Reading →

New Oriental Pearl Casino Poker Games

What’s new at Oriental Pearl Casino, Sihanoukville, since the ex-Lion City Casino poker team moved there? According to their latest flyer, this is the kind of action you can find: No-Limit Texas Hold’Em | Blinds: $1/$2, $2/$5, $5/10 Omaha |… Continue Reading →

Start qualifying today for BaoMai Casino’s August 2018 Poker $10,000 Freeroll

Players can start clocking hours today at BaoMai Casino, SIhanoukville, for their $10,000 Poker Freeroll taking place on August 25 2018. Today’s hours count double too 😍 Will BaoMai Casino be packed today?

The only Sihanoukville legit 25c poker cash games are at Yaduoli Casino

The only legit (casino-based) 25c poker cash games running in town are at Yaduoli Casino, Sihanoukville. Small stakes to improve one’s skills or crazy gambling den? It seems to depend on the players, every night is a different night. Give it… Continue Reading →

The Poker Show Must Go On… 25c/25c poker cash games still on at Yaduoli Casino, Sihanoukville

While we wrote earlier today about new people taking over the poker tables at Lion City and starting some evening $0.5/$1 cash games, the current small stakes evening live poker cash games at Yaduoli are also running according to the same… Continue Reading →

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